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Famous Emo Boys

Oliver Sykes


Alex Evans


Chris Dakota and Sam Llansing



His name’s MoOnoC. he’s not famous yet.

( but I guess he’s going to become Famous someday : ] )



News – Summer Time MV

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This MV is Summer Time.The song from the japanese band…ya…N.E.W.S,This song is From the Pacific, album it’s about Their holiday memories.

And they all here again at the place that they’ve been last summer

Enjoy wit this MV



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sometimes i feel like most of us wish that we could, just like in the movie eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, fill some papers, and get brainwashed somehow in order to forget someone, or to clearly have them erased from your mind, completely.

Cause now I have alot of thing to think about, it’s really hard to think and prove something at the same time

I want to delete every thing about him out of my mind and my brain

an Ugly Apple.

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uappleGirls are like apples…the best one is at the top of the trees. This is an Apple that on the ground.yaa the boys like to catch the apples that on the ground coz it’s easy.this ugly apple is never belong to the brave boys or good boys coz this apple is falling on the ground. have only the cawardics boy to take it.

it’s same as the girls who not make urself to be good.becoz if u act like the mean girls, no boys see u important.

Oliver Sykes.

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oli-sykes His name’s Oliver Sykes,but we called him Oli for short.

he’s the local of Bring Me The horizon.yaaa he’s a member of this band…look at him….he’s is an emo boy same as ALEX EVANS.(yep…Emo boys r hot lol)

he’s from England.he’s the best English that i ever seen.

I dont like anione who hv the tattoot except him 🙂 he’s the one that i like wit a lot of tattoot hahaha:)

coz he’s cute……i like when he sings this song “Medusa” u can listen to this song coz this song’s very good and fantastic : P

Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH).

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This is the  band from England.”BRING ME THE HORiZON “. they sings Metalcore,hardcore and deathcore. They hv alot of cool song like…Medusa,A Lot Like The Meadows and pray for plagues,but I like Medusa the most. 🙂

this band hv about 5 member they’re the Emo boys ^^ they r cute and F***ing rock xD

I really like this kind of music.and maybe u all should listen to this kind of music,coz u will see the different from the pop, hiphop songs etc.


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This band is from Japan.the band name’s NEWS it’s mean North,East,west and South.coz they r come from different directions.This band hv 6 member.first is

Tomohisa Yamashita (yamapi),

Nishikido Ryo

Tegoshi Yuya

Masuda Takahisa

Kato Shigeaki


Koyama Keiichiro .