His name is Kantanut Samerjai.Nickname’s BAS. he’s a basket ball player of thailand team.He’s a new actor of thailand,I know him from the movie.this movie name is “Fire Ball”.and this is a first movie for him.

he’s like to play basketball.but he’s not good at fighting.

at the first sign that i saw him in the movie,I think he’s cute and smart.but in a movie he died coz of psycho people kill him in the fire ball game.This game ‘s dont have the rules the thing that u have to do in this game,or the thing that u have to do 2 win the game is “u have to be the last man that standing in the game”

but ya!!!!!…he died!!!!

I want to kill that psycho people.coz they kill my PRINCE  (OMG! Kiddin^^)

ahhh…I know that’s juz a movie, it’s not a real life:)






~ by pinksponge on February 1, 2009.

One Response to “P’BAS MY FAV ACTOR.”

  1. Very perfect!!! *0*~หล่อโครตตตต
    ขนาดพี่กอล์ฟยังสู้ไม่ได้5 5 5

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