Alex Evans So Cute.(Part 2)



This is the photo of ALEX EVANS and his friend,name Mike Chrisman lol, u know wat… they’re so cute xD


he’s NOT  gay OK?


ok it’s good that u get it xD



 he’s a college student,he’s in second year art college. I think Mike is his best friend and I guess that Mike is an art college student 2 hahaha: ) I dont know yet, I’ll find some of Mike information : P

I want u guy 2 know more about them coz they’re awesome person: )


~ by pinksponge on February 5, 2009.

12 Responses to “Alex Evans So Cute.(Part 2)”

  1. yessssss………….they r so cute ><

  2. yez !! they ar cute ❤ but more alex

  3. OMG !!! How adorkable… :] I love them i want alex evans <.<

  4. pshh i like both of them:P

  5. yh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they gorgeous !

  6. ha this pic is cutee alex i love it and u 🙂

  7. Omg he’s problably thinking….Who’s that drop dead gorgeous emo guy in the mirror who every emo or any kind of girl wants? Why it’s me how bout’ that?

  8. oie q wapo jiji

  9. He’s bisexual you idiot.

  10. his name isnt mike chrisman.. it’s mark crisman.

  11. actually the one with the brown hair isnt alex evans his name is evan and his friend isnt Mike whatever his name is Justin. I would know since i see them everyday and talk to them.

  12. heyy alles klar woooooow lg gilly

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