What am I suppose 2 do??


Yaa…U r standing over there, talking wit ur friends,play soccer

and staring at me juz 1 moment.I was so bored when i see ur face,

i see u everyday after school, yep…that’s make me bored.BUT

now it’s not, something is happened wit my feeling i dont know

wat is that!

but now i juz know that I want 2 see u everyday,talking wit

u,hang out with u and……………………..be the only one that u

staring at lol.

I dont know wat am i suppose 2 do,I juz know that miracles could

happen…(I hope so…)

I know u not a fairytale, a dream that meant 4 sleeping : P

now i guess the thing that i hv to do is standing here  n watching

u…same as everyday.


~ by pinksponge on February 5, 2009.

One Response to “What am I suppose 2 do??”

  1. p’golf lor???????????????

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