Oliver Sykes.

oli-sykes His name’s Oliver Sykes,but we called him Oli for short.

he’s the local of Bring Me The horizon.yaaa he’s a member of this band…look at him….he’s is an emo boy same as ALEX EVANS.(yep…Emo boys r hot lol)

he’s from England.he’s the best English that i ever seen.

I dont like anione who hv the tattoot except him 🙂 he’s the one that i like wit a lot of tattoot hahaha:)

coz he’s cute……i like when he sings this song “Medusa” u can listen to this song coz this song’s very good and fantastic : P


~ by pinksponge on February 6, 2009.

21 Responses to “Oliver Sykes.”

  1. oli sykes is super sexy!!!!!!!!! one of my mates got to go to one of his concerts i was pissed!!!!!!!! i LOVE YOU OLI SYKES!!!!~

  2. i think oli is supppper hot too. im going to see Bring Me the Horizon on saturday. 🙂

  3. OMG he is cute,but this is NOT real this is only photo…do you understand me??XD i wanna tall him YOUR PHOTOS ARE FALSE!!it´s not true,it´s compikadet…

  4. you are so sad it is a guy but i anit complanning i have been to 3 of there gigs and they are reli gd and i cnt wait for them to come back to yeovil

    i love you oli sykes you make me awwww lol jk

  5. yes!! Oliver Sykes<3 is the most cutest english speaking guy in the world!! he’s my hero, BMTH is the most hardcore band I’ve ever seen in concert!! can’t wait till they come back to chicago!!

  6. Olives sykes is really hot

  7. I love oliver sykes! hes mad sexy . i cant wait to go see bring me the horizon live!!!

  8. -.- If you are referring to “emo” as in depressed, cut yourself, freaky, then you are wrong. If you are referring to the music, you are wrong. Oli is screamo, and he is hot. Stupid labels.

  9. ok i agree that hes hawt…hes extremely gorgeous
    but…i would appreciiate it if u didnt label him =)

  10. i love youu oli sykes.

    yerr soo… mmm mmm good 😀

  11. ollie is drop dead smexi

  12. omfg he is freaking sexii

  13. I think oli haters are dicks horay for BMTH and oli!!!!! cant wait till october

  14. i think he is sexy but i want to be his bestfriend

  15. I saw them march 6 at taste of chaos. i am in love with that man. ❤

  16. He looks like a girl.
    “he’s the best English that i ever seen.”
    I think you mean Brit.

  17. oliver sykes is sexy!!
    i love he

  18. I love Oliver Sykes too I’d bone him every day for the rest of my life and longer. So, by the way, learn some fucking grammar and spelling becuase its fucking annoying to see some shitty grammar near a picture of the man I am in love with, mmkay?

  19. im goin to their concert at the 31th of october in germany / karlsruhe together with a day to remember and august burns red! i cant wait to see him! is so freakin cool!

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